Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming...

So far, I thought that when you are surfing on my  page, you can see the Mandalas and if one touches your soul, it makes you react in some way. There are several people who stop by every day to get their energy recharged by the Mandalas.

Maybe it would be nice to think of others too. I was told by several people that they have everything in life but still they have the sensation of missing something. They immerse themselves in the material world but they are unable to become effective spiritually.

A Mandala as a gift to such a friend could activate his or her interest for spirituality. We all are spiritual beings who were born to Earth to experience human emotions.

Christmas is such a moment to make affection on our friend's spiritual life by giving him or her a Mandala as a gift.

Elisabeth Majlath -Tolnay