Thursday, 4 December 2014

My dear unknown and known Friends!
I did offer this mandala to Erzsébet Lerger to do better her living conditions. Namely, she suffers from a strange joint disease, what obstructs her moving and forced her to be live in a disability chair all in her life. Actually, donations changed to a game, but who have sent money to Erzsébet Lerger yet, also be shared in this game, and can win our „jackpot”. 1. award „Jackpot” mandala package 2-4 award/winner My artwork; a foil mandala, and an artwork of Judit Pásztor (silk mandala), a bioenergy slab By Éva Flora Hangja.
Gamers can take part in this game by sending to Erzsébet Lerger 1000 HUF, or foreign gamers do (10 USD). If you send more 1000 HUF or 10 USD to Erzsébet, your name is going to be take part more ocassionals in the lot. To post the winning package to foreign winners, can works just by the help of their hungarian relatives. The bank account datas of Erzsébet Lerger: Name: LERGEL ERZSÉBET Account number: BIC/SWIFT : MKKB HU HB IBAN: HU66 10300002-10292788-49010014 MKB
The Lot date: 19/12/2014., 06.30 pm., you can watch the Lot events on the internet, by the help of a link, what will be send by us. We thank you very much all donations and sharings in advance! *** The beneficiary Lizzie Lergel thoughts about himself: Over fifty Reading the title, you can ask the question; Is it a real problem? However many people have riched the 50 years old age. I can tell you: Yes! But any doctors have never told you, that to me. „You would had to die 30 years ago!” It is a very strange feeling! The known hungarian proverb says; You are so old, how many y.o. feel yourself. It is very true. I don’t feel myself 50 years old. A youth lives in my soul. When I was 8, doctors recognized, I have PCP (reumatoid arthritis). Than the years went by the speed of a snail, and I got to a hospital to another hospital. Treatments, operations, medicines… and solitude, vulnerability, pain… Some years later, the disease forced me into the bed and the disability chair. I do not revolt. I do not grave. I do not repine. This is my life, and I must resign myself. When I was a child, I watched films about far lands many times. I hoped later I could visit them. But the disease stopped me. During long years I have no anybody, who could helped me, and solut my solitude, but later, when I known the internet, and from that period I find really good friends, for a short time I might known the love, and presently I have a work, but I earn very little. I had another great dream too. I have wanted to help other people. Similar people to me. Whose are not able to move, stand, walk, run…, but my material circumstances have made this dream impossible. But I never give up. I live my life, and I do everything for realizing my dreams. Erzsébet Lergel

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